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about us

CSA Security Inc. specializes in providing security services in the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors. Ranging from Property Management, Concierge Services and Student Accommodations, over Construction Sites and Warehouses, all the way to Vehicle and Foot Patrol Services for Plazas, Offices, and other Businesses, our organization strongly emphasizes on solid Customer Service & Relations, while ensuring the desired level of Security is maintained.

Our team of professionals primarily focuses on our clients, their guests, and naturally our employees, recognizing our employees being the key to our success. As the company's front line, our security staff acts as ambassadors of both our firm, but predominantly our clients while serving their customers, visitors, and the general public.

The relationship between our employees and our clients is collaborative in nature ensuring our every client's request is met and our every client's security concern is satisfied. Only through such close bonds has our successfully proven commitment demonstrated the effectiveness of our core values.

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